Here's a story that may restore your faith in humanity. A New York cab driver found $100,000 worth of jewelry and other valuables in the back of his cab. But instead of keeping the booty, he tried to track down the owner down, and once they made contact, he happily returned the goods and even initially refused a $1,000 reward -- more after the jump.

Zubiru Mohammed Jalloh has been driving a cab for a decade and recently saved up enough money to purchase his own cab and is still working hard to make a living, but he didn't think twice about returning the lost goods. John James, who left the items in the cab, didn't realize it until he got home and was able to track down Jalloh thanks to his credit card receipt.

James eventually convinced Jalloh to accept a $1,000 reward, but Jalloh wanted to make it clear that he didn't return the items for a reward, saying, "I did it because of my faith. It was the right thing to do."

What would you have done?