Whoever runs the Facebook page for the Holmen Police Department in Wisconsin deserves a standing ovation.

Police officers are under scrutiny now more than ever, facing more and more criticism for treatment of suspects, incidents on video, etc. Justified? Probably sometimes, but that also leaves out the majority of officers who do a great job at protecting their communities.

Count me among the people who first thinks people are genuinely good, and not quick to judge or criticize.

Whoever runs the Holmen Police Department Facebook page made that well-known in a post directed at an unnamed critic, and now the post has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

The post was in response to a critic who allegedly commented, "Police are not usually family friendly," on a post by the department that read, “Posts made to this page that contain profanity will be deleted. We promote this page as family friendly. Thank you.”

So, this is what that critic received in response:

Recently we posted a request that comments on our Facebook page not contain profanity as we try to promote our page as “...

Posted by Holmen Police Department on Sunday, August 9, 2015

High-five, friends. High-five. And many thanks to all the officers out there. Especially the good ones like these.