Wildwood, New Jersey resident Randy Senna is considered something of an eccentric by locals. And on last night’s ‘Hoarders,’ we all found out why.

The popular A&E show profiles people who stockpile too much stuff — usually old clothes, animals or newspapers. Senna hoards arcade games and, creepily, life-sized likenesses of himself.

Senna once dreamed of opening an amusement park in which he would be the star, but his proposed Randyland didn’t meet the local requirements for an arcade license. So the 20,000 square-foot space is occupied by dozens of games and even more Randys, which is what Senna calls his mannequin doppelgangers. He’s even stockpiling his own hair to use on future versions.

“You can’t improve upon the perfection of the Randy, so you have to make duplicate Randys,” Senna told the ‘Hoarders’ cameras.

Seems one person’s “eccentric” is another person’s “completely nuts.”

[via TV Guide]