It was a little over a week ago that rapper The Game donated $10,000 to help a Los Angeles family after a tragic and untimely death.

This time The Game has hooked up with fellow EM Cee Drake to come to the aid of an Ohio woman who lost her boyfriend and five children in a house fire days ago.

Ana Angel lost her five young children and boyfriend while she was at work when a fire broke out at her mobile home.

"I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time," The Game said along with a photo he posted to Instagram.

The Game and Drake are together donating $22,500 to help the family with funeral costs. This is part of The Game's "Robin Hood Project," a campaign in which the rapper pledged to give away $1 million by Christmas.

It's refreshing to see rappers stepping up to help others. Good on ya', boys.