President Obama has already committed U.S. resources to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan.  The Hip Hop and R & B community has also been showing love for those devastated by the quake.

Many members of the music community have sought to reach out to the people of Japan via social networking platform Twitter, offering their support and prayers just hours after the country was hit with a devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

"My prayers go out to everyone in japan!!!" Chris Brown wrote. "We have to love one another and come together as a planet!!!!"

Fellow singer Ne-Yo tweeted."GOD BLESS JAPAN. My prayers go out to the people of japan hit by that terrible earthquake and tsunami, as well as the people of hawaii."

The outreach has come from all across the map, from entertainers, athletes and celebrities to fans. "I know were all busy...BUT pay attention the the news people...this could be YOU!!!" tweeted legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. "Prayers sent out."

The United States will be providing assistance to Japan in the form of heavy equipment and military personnel. "I offer our Japanese friends whatever assistance is needed," said President Obama. "Today's events remind us how fragile life can be."

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