"Hey Jude" is a legendary song. Mostly famous for the version from music kings, The Beatles. But, there is another music legend that did a famous version of the song. The question is, who did it better? 

We all know the song. Whether you are a fan of Wilson Pickett or of The Beatles, you can hum along to "Hey Jude."

Which artist did it better? I recently had this discussion with a group of my friends. We were sitting around listening to music when the Wilson Pickett version came on. One friend turned to us all and said, "Isn't this a Beatles song?"

"Well, yes but Wilson did it better," was the reply that would start the long debate. Each music legend did an amazing job with the song, making the decision of who did it better even more difficult to answer.

So, I thought I would ask you guys. Help me settle this debate. Here are the two versions. Once you have given both a good listen, tell me which is your favorite.

Well, time to decide.