Tonight is the night!

President Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver his State of the Union address tonight (February 5th), which is one week later than the original scheduled date after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disinvited him during the government shutdown.

According to the New York Times, the annual address in the House chamber before a joint session of Congress President Trump will call for unity and optimism.

President Trump will also speak on certain areas in which he believes both parties can work together, which includes the infrastructure, trade and prescription drug pricing, and he’s also expected to announce a plan to stop transmission of H.I.V. by 2030.

Also, the president is going to push his demand for a border wall, the issue which caused the shutdown, and even suggested he may declare a national emergency if Congress won’t approve it.

The Democratic response will be delivered by Stacy Abrams, who came close to becoming Georgia’s first black governor and party leaders are strongly encouraging her to run for Senate in the state.

Will you be watching the SOTU tonight?