With everyone running around like chickens with their head cut off, filing taxes haven't been at the forefront of many minds UNTIL tax day. If this is you TODAY, then read on to learn how to request an extension to file your taxes. Forbes says, There's no shame in in filing for a tax extension. Better late than never!The IRS requires all United States citizens to file taxes of the last fiscal year you accrued income. If you are like a lot of busy people, you probably haven't filed your taxes yet. Now that taxes must be filed by midnight tonight, if you haven't done your 2011 taxes, you need to follow these steps to request an extension ASAP! The extension will save your butt until October, 15th.

You can manually fill out a request from the IRS

You can e-file an extension request

or, if you're a procrastinating over-acheiver, you can e-file you 2011 taxes

Click HERE to download IRS 2011 tax form to be completed and postmarked by tonight at midnight!

Good luck!