The cast for 'Hotel Transylvania 2' is incredible! It's one of those movies that will have a bunch of recognizable voices behind the animation, but placing the human actor might drive us crazy if we don't know ahead of time. So here's the cast list.  

'Saturday Night Live' fans will love this cast.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Cast List, from IMDB

  • Adam Sandler ... Dracula
  • Andy Samberg ... Jonathan
  • Selena Gomez ... Mavis
  • Kevin James ... Frankenstein
  • Steve Buscemi ... Wayne
  • David Spade ... Griffin
  • Fran Drescher ... Eunice
  • Molly Shannon ... Wanda
  • Megan Mullally ... Grandma Linda
  • Dana Carvey ... Dana
  • Mel Brooks ... Vlad
  • Chris Kattan ... Kakie
  • Jon Lovitz ... Phantom of the Opera

Some of the plot: It's Mavis (Selena Gomez) and Johnny's (Andy Samberg) wedding day. Dracula (Adam Sandler) is worried that she'll decide to move out of the hotel, but he decides to keep it together for her sake. Mavis has her own doubts about getting married and not pursuing a career, but Dracula calms her down.

My girls have been talking about his one for weeks, and we'll be there Friday right after school.

Oh! And The Intern is out this Friday too, with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. It's a good movie weekend for kids and dates.