Shut down the interwebs for today, because we have our latest viral winner.

The folks with YouTube channel KFaceTV have provided us with the parody videos of all parody videos -- Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" performed by people portraying Harry Potter characters.

The video portrays the song as if sung by Lord Voldemort -- his band is even called 'Tom and the Riddles' (Lord Voldemort's real name is Tom Riddle).

The lyrics are simply great:

I’m too hot (hot hand)
Call an Auror, try and stop this man
I’m too hot (hot hand)
Make a headmaster retire man
I’m too hot (hot hand)
Witch, say my name, you know who I am!
I’m too hot (hot hand)
Am I bad ‘bout this curse
Crucio now

I mean, where else would you see Lord Voldemort wearing aviators and hair curls? Greatness.