The President doesn't have any real party plans for his birthday. Just a couple of fund raisers and a little party with friends and family.The president held a large fund raiser in Chicago the night before his birthday, with invitations running anywhere from $50 to $38,500. Wow what a gift. With singers like Jennifer Hudson and Herbie Hancock performing, those with the big donations got to go to the dinner party with the Prez after the fundraiser and performances.

Yes, Obama has now reached the big 50 mark. So what are his actual plans for his birthday? His oldest daughter will be coming home from summer camp to celebrate with him. Obama said that is the best birthday present he could have. After a small party with friends and family, he and the family will head to the presidents retreat at Camp David.

I think the President needs this. He has been working hard lately and butting heads with congress and the house has got to be tiring. So from me to you, President Obama, have a wonderful birthday and spend that precious time with your family. I leave you with this video I found. Who wouldn't want a birthday song from this little peach.

P.S. If you click on the link -President Obama- above, you can send him birthday wishes.

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