Senior pranks are pretty much a tradition with graduates. It's all light hearted fun and, as the Hallsville Police encountered, if done respectfully, everyone gets a good laugh.

Hallsville seniors left a reserve Hallsville Police cruiser on blocks.

Police Chief Paul Montoya took it in stride calling the prank "epic".

Though I'm sure some of you are asking, "Shouldn't there be some kind of punishment for this?"

In the video posted on the Hallsville Police Department Facebook Page, Montoya explains that the students performed the prank respectfully by not destroying or damaging any police property and by placing the wheels close by allowing for a quick fix.

You can watch the Chief's video HERE.

He does go on to say, "we don't want this to be a catalyst to have other kids in other communities take this as a free ride to start doing stuff like this, this is not what we are saying. This should be a once in a lifetime thing. It was good and you have really impressed us with your ninja tire changing tactics, but we aren't encouraging people to do these types of acts. We want everyone to be safe and look forward to graduation next week."

He's right, this type of prank could have gotten out of hand very easily but kudos to the department for realizing what it was, a prank. Kudos to the students for being careful and respectful of the property.

The students were caught on camera performing the act and Chief Montoya did invite them come watch the video with them.