When it comes to Halloween decorations people go all out to make their home look frightening for trick or treaters and some go all out expressing their creativity.  However, one Dallas home has divided their community with their latest decoration.

From our media partner KLTV, Lakewood neighbors in Dallas are disturbed by a Halloween decoration which has the monster Frankenstein hanging from a tree.

Sloan Dix couldn’t believe what she saw while driving her car,

The first time I drove past it, I did a double, triple take.  I do respect people's wish to decorate their house the way they want for Halloween, but this feels like it takes it to a different level. The problem is from far away; it looks like something different.

She is absolutely correct!

Look, just the thought of seeing any object hanging from a tree is enough to give me chills as I think back to African Americans being lynched throughout American history.

While other neighbors are complaining about the decoration others are saying they are overacting and the homeowner has the right to decorate their home as they wish as she had the decoration up for 40 years and it brings her grandchildren joy and that alone is creepy.

While I am for individuals displaying their creativity when decorating their own home, and I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say it was harmless.  However, to be so insensitive to have that type of decoration really make me wonder about the people I call neighbor.

I wish she would have used better judgment.