Gucci Mane is really paying the price for pushing a woman out of a moving SUV back in 2011. Just when he thought he was done with his punishment (six months in jail and pleading guilty to several charges), the woman, Diana Graham, is suing him for $60,000.

It looks like his punishment will continue to get even more harsh because he hasn’t been showing up to all of his court dates. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the details of this story, back in 2011, Gucci Mane picked up a woman in his SUV and then suddenly pushed her out of the moving vehicle supposedly because she refused to go back to his hotel with him.

The judge granted Graham $58,161.24 to pay for her medical costs, lost wages and for her suffering. However, it didn’t stop there! The judge even allowed Graham to go after the rapper’s cars, bank accounts and his other belongings to make up for the debt she is now dealing with.

With a new album that is supposed to be dropped in October, Gucci might want to consider obeying orders and paying what he’s supposed to pay before things get worse for him.