It is the time of year to treat yourself to the delicacies of the season. World-famous Greenberg Turkeys, made right here in Tyler, are local and delicious. With Thanksgiving and Christmas at the door step, have you ordered your smoked turkey yet?

Greenberg is not just a family tradition for the Greenbergs, it is now a holiday obsession for the whole country. The famed story of the first shipment from the Greenberg barn to Dallas has grown to cover every inch of this country.

From the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Oprah's magazine, and back to Texas with Texas Monthly and the Dallas Morning News; the turkeys are spoken highly of all over.

With all of this popularity, it is becoming a tradition to buy early. If you want to make your Thanksgiving or Christmas mouth watering, you need to order now. Don't miss your chance to enjoy this delicious bird.