Graco, one of the world's largest makers of infant and child car seats, is recalling 3.8 million car seats of 11 different models because of faulty latch work.

Graco is recalling the car seats because children could become trapped in the seat with buckles that may not unlatch.

According to the Associated Press, another 1.8 million seats -- of the rear-facing infant type -- could be recalled for the same issue.

Parents are finding the buckles difficult to unlatch, especially if children are consuming food or drinks, which could make the buckles sticky and harder to unlatch.

Graco's decision to not recall the infant car seats was made based on the claim infants don't get food or drinks on their seats, although the company will send replacement buckles to parents who ask for them.

The recall is for 11 different models made between 2009 and 2013, so if you have a child still using a car seat from that time period, it's best to get it fixed now.

A Graco spokesperson said no injuries have been reported due to the malfunction.