The new school year is set to begin Monday, August 27th and parents and educators all over East Texas are getting ready for the new school year.  With budgets getting tighter and tighter each year, sales at area retailers are becoming more and more important to stretch the family dollar.  We’ll all be looking for the bargains on school supplies, backpacks, shoes and clothing.

Goodwill Industries of East Texas is looking to help out teachers this year by giving them a special “Teachers Sale” from now through August 12th.  Educators will receive 20% off all clothing purchases at any of their stores throughout East Texas.

That’s not the only sale Goodwill will be having either because on Tax Free weekend shoppers will receive an additional 15% off.  The sale doesn’t only benefit you, it will benefit your local independent school district too!  Goodwill Industries of East Texas is hoping to once again deliver a $500 donation (minimum) to 14 different ISD’s throughout East Texas.  The Texas Tax Free weekend will be held statewide August 17th – 19th.

You can save money by shopping at any of their East Texas stores.