October 15 was the Moment of Truth for Mr. Glenn Lewis, for that was the day that his 3rd album child was presented to the world.

Following behind World Out Side My Window and Back For More, Moment of Truth is by far the sexist album he has put out. My personal favorite is World Out Side My Window, but with tracks like Can't Say Love, Ugly Face, Random Thoughts and All I See Is You, I might just have to make new category in my iPod - Grown & Most Definitely Sexy!

I positively believe that this album should do extremely well on the charts. I had the opportunity to meet Glenn in person and I must say he is the most down to earth artist that I have ever met. Being very dedicated to his craft and career, he is a man with a huge heart, very accommodating and appreciative. If you have never attended a Glenn Lewis performance, I encourage you to do so. At "Meet-n-Greets" he is very attentive to all fans and gives the person that is in front him, his complete attention.

I give Moment of Truth an A+++. The last cut on the album is title  Better With Time a title that Mr. Lewis has shown to be true to. My personal favorite song on the album is Ugly Face. I received a promo copy of the album in July which only contained a snipit of Ugly Face. This is one of those songs that grabs you right away, the story line of it keeps you wanting to hear what is to come next. I had anticipated hearing the entire track, and once I did...OMG. I was even more blown away. I think I listened to it 3 times in a row. He has a line in the second verse, that absolutely made me blush, and no one was there to see me do so. You should just check  it for yourself and share your thoughts with me at shaniscott@hot1073jamz.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Glenn Lewis - Moment of Truth