KLTV introduced us to 6 year old Cody Graves a couple months ago. He is a young man who has become a part of the Gladewater Police Department. He was named a special officer just last month.

But, Cody suffers from a chronic lung disease. Sometimes his body doesn't get enough oxygen and has use an oxygen tank at home. However, going beyond the house is a different story.

Kim Smelley is Cody's mom and told KLTV, "He has one for the house but to take him anywhere, he has to take a big tank with him and they're really heavy."

The Gladewater Police Department has set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money to be able to purchase a portable oxygen machine for Cody.

Read more of Cody's story from KLTV.

Donate to Gladewater PD's Go Fund Me.