Joe Jones may be a name you know. If not, he is Barack Obama's former spiritual advisor. He recently wrote an article for Newsweek that will change your life. Speaking about the "Fight For Black Men," DuBois is making a statement we all need to hear. 

I will not try add my own words to this article. I would do what has be written by DuBois or what was spoken by those he quoted no justice.

I bring this issue and article to you in an effort to spread those words DuBois so elegantly wrote. This script is powerful, terrifying in its truth, and a requirement for our country and people to fully grow and heal.

I encourage you all to read this in its entirety. Do not scroll down to see its length and give up for its mass. Not reading this will only further the very "crisis" DuBois is speaking about.

Let this quote from the article entice you, "Yet if we’re honest, we’ll have to admit that when one single group of people is conspicuously left behind, it never bodes well for society as a whole. In many ways, black men in America are a walking gut check; we learn from them a lot about ourselves, how far we’ve really come as a country, and how much further we have to go."

If that does not put an aching urge in your heart to take in these words, try this, "There are more African-Americans on probation, parole, or in prison today than were slaves in 1850. It is not a crisis of crime. It is a crisis of people being left behind."

This last quote is a great introduction and summary of what will be displayed before your eyes.

Click here for the link to Joshua DuBois' article.

Give it a chance. Take it to heart. Change your sights. Grow.