Georgia teen, Anthony Stokes was originally denied a heart transplant by the hospital due to being a bad youth. The hospital reversed that decision this week, turning the family's frustration to joy.

Since July 14, Anthony Stokes has been at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston , according to CNN affiliate WSB-TV. A family friend stated that the hospital told his family the 15-year-old was ineligible for a spot on the heart transplant waiting list because of "noncompliance", which generally means that doctors doubt that a patient will take his medicine or go to follow-up appointments.

It had been stated by the family friend that a doctor told the family that Anthony's low grades and time spent in juvenile detention factored into that assessment. "The doctor made the decision that he wasn't a good candidate because of that," the family friend said. "I guess he didn't think Anthony was going to be a productive citizen."

The mother of the teen told CNN affiliate WGCL-TV that doctors informed her that Anthony would live only three to six months if he didn't get the heart transplant.