George Zimmerman is in police custody after surrendering today where he was booked after a judge revoked his bail. Zimmerman's bail was revoked after he and his wife allegedly lied to the courts regarding the couple's finances in order to obtain a lower bond. The courts ordered a surrender time of 2:30 this afternoon, and roughly 40 minutes prior, Zimmerman surrendered himself to authorities. Earlier this year, the murderous case between George Zimmerman and 17 year old Trayvon Martin sparked much controversy in the media.Zimmerman surrendered to authorities wearing jeans, a button-down shirt, and sneakers. He was handcuffed and driven to the jail in a white van. Hounded by reporters at the jail, Zimmerman remained quiet. At a press conference, according to Seminole County Sheriff, Donald Eslinger, Zimmerman was very cooperative:

"He is quiet and cooperative."

Also according to the press conference, Zimmerman will be housed away from the general population in a 67 square foot cell due to his case being considered "high profile". The cell has no television access, two beds, sheets, a toilet, and a mattress.

Back in April, Zimmerman and his wife told the courts that they had very limited money, but the courts saw otherwise. Zimmerman's website raised over 155 thousand dollars and the Judge in the case is taking that very seriously. Zimmerman's attorneys are claiming that this is a misunderstanding. They are seeking to request a new bond hearing regarding this matter.

Zimmerman's attorneys are also hoping that since he turned himself in willingly that the Judge will see that he's not a flight risk.

What's next? We wait to see what the Judge and courts decide.

Watch: Judge Revokes George Zimmerman's Bond