Many view Labor Day as the ultimate sign that summer is coming to an end, and it's coming up on Monday (September 3rd.)

Lots of people take advantage of the long weekend and travel, but if you're planning to take a road trip you should maybe budget a bit more money for gas.

According to News West 9, the demand on gas could cause prices to do a jump.

Motor Club AAA released a statement on Friday (August 24th) stating:

Tepid demand alongside growing domestic stocks of gasoline, which increased 1.2 million barrels last week, could cause pump prices to dip slightly in the run-up to Labor Day. However, demand is expected to spike around the holiday, leading to a likely, but brief price jump, as drivers take to the nation's roads one last time before fall arrives.

AAA reported the national average retail price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $2.84 on Friday (August 24th.)