It was the social media prank that was heard ’round the world — well, at least if you worked at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Compton station.

Thanks to the rapper Game, the Compton Sheriff department received a flash mob of telephone calls last Friday, which in turn jammed the phone lines and reportedly delayed emergency calls to the station. Since then, the rapper has confessed and apologized for his part in the prank.

Game allegedly tweeted the Compton Sheriff station’s phone number in response to an internship, leading to a large amount of phone calls which lasted for two hours. In addition, authorities believe help was delayed to those in need, including a missing person, a spousal assault, two robberies and a stolen car.

Game has recently apologized for his actions and told CNN, “It was a simple mishap. I was doing a photo shoot, and it was downtown Los Angeles, and one of my boys picked up my phone and started tweeting random numbers.”

It was a joke gone wrong, according to Game, and the phone number was confused with a previous tweet about a label internship with the rapper. “The tweet about the internship was earlier in that day,” he said. “[My friend] never sent out a tweet that said these numbers are for the internship. He tweeted a bunch of numbers jokingly. We always play pranks on each other.”

Sheriff’s Department Capt. Mike Parker said Game could’ve been charged with at leaset three misdemeanors, each carrying a maximum sentence of a year in jail. “In the age of new media that began just a few short years ago, musicians, celebrities and notable persons have a large number of followers on social media,” Parker said. “They have an obligation to be responsible and to care about the community and their fans, which includes not doing the social media equivalent of yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater.”

Game need not worry, though. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department will not pursue criminal prosecution because of lack of evidence. “Based upon our investigation, as well as consultation with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, the LASD considers the criminal investigation into this matter closed,” Parker said in a statement.