Missed Donald Glover's new critically acclaimed series, Atlanta because you don't have cable? No worries. FX has released the first episode of the series online today, which is great, because the show has received nothing but high praise since its debut last night (Sept. 6).

Last night, FX aired two 30-minute episodes of the 10-episode season, and as expected, Atlanta was trending on Twitter, praised for its authentic portrayal of not just the city, but black life in general. Starring Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, Lakeith Lee Stanfield and Zazie Beetz, the first two episodes were hilarious, yet insightful— touching on everything from racism, the need for prison reform, sexuality, fame and poverty— without once getting preachy.

Praised for its nuanced delivery of black life, the show's freshness and realism is no doubt due to its has a crew of all black writers who previously had never stepped foot into a Hollywood writing room.

"We wanted to make a show that was punk. We wanted to make something that felt like it probably shouldn’t be on TV," Glover recently told Creative Loafing. "That’s the stuff that made NWA hot, or even OutKast. It was like, 'OK, this doesn’t belong here '— which is kind of why I’m looking at it.”

Bottom line? Under Glover's direction, Atlanta, has been heralded as the best new show on television—a coveted distinction he's rightly earned.

Check out the first episode above.