Future's songs inspire fans to "make a movie," and now his latest track, "Last Breath" appears in the boxing flick Creed.

The track fittingly samples "Gonna Fly Now," the famous theme song from Rocky, as the rapper delivers inspirational lyrics.

"I was so hard-headed at first, my grandma didn't even believe in me. I kept going though," he starts. Future promises he's going to work and hustle "til my last breath."

"You didn't recognize my drive, shouldn't have did that / Now I'm flyin' every day, I won't get back / I just wanna be the champ for the misfits / And the ones that would say I couldn't do it," he rhymes over the Metro Boomin and Ludwin Goranson-produced beat.

Future definitely has a lot to boast about. From dropping a slew of successful mixtapes and albums, hip-hop fans are anxiously waiting for his new tape, Monster 2.

"Last Breath" will premiere in the new Creed trailer during NBC's The Voice tonight at 8 p.m.

The Twitterverse is embracing the track with open ears. Some fans have described the track as "fire" -- flame emojis included -- and another called it a "very motivational song." "Such an Inspiring song.......Future did it again," tweeted another fan.

Get some inspiration from Future below.

Listen to Future's "Last Breath"

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