Beards and mustaches have become very trendy as of late. It seems like they have moved from just being facial ornamentation and now cover coffee mugs, cakes, shirts, and pretty much everything else. While some love the rise of the furry faced man, others hate beards. What do you think? 

I, personally, love a beard. Men with beards are so sexy and manly. Really, any facial hair can do a lot for a man's sex appeal. Well, not a bald man with a mustache. For some reason I can't stand a guy only sporting eyebrows and a lip blanket. This is getting off track. Back to the glorious beard.

I was speaking with a few of the other ladies around the office on their preference or disgust of beards and facial hair, what I heard surprised me. The numbers of girls that did not enjoy a little face fuzz was much higher than I believed it would be. I couldn't understand. Who doesn't like a beard?

I love the look of one, what it says, how it feels, and everything else about them. I try and encourage all of my guy friends to have them. With this passion I have for the flavor savor, it was so unbelievable to hear that other women hated them. Yes, HATED them. These women see beards and are disgusted. They think facial hair is dirty, looks unkept, and does not make them swoon for the manly man covered in hair. Sure, too much hair is a bad thing. But, what is so wrong with a well trimmed and clean beard?

Aren't beards natural? It has to be such a struggle to try and keep your face baby soft and shaved. Think about it ladies, how much do we hate shaving. Why would you wish that on your lover? Let him grow it out if he wants. Even a little stubble is cute.

I guess I will never understand, but I am still curious. What do you think about face carpet? Please, let me. What style you like, even if that is bare faced.