During this time of year, the little ones around us are looking for something fun to do. To keep your family having loads of fun during this holiday season but not breaking the bank, here are a few things you can do around the Tyler area for free.

Lots of us will have our own children around us and even our family's little ones, and they will all be looking for entertainment. Especially with the extra free time with schools being closed for the holidays, we will all need something to do to save us from the boredom. But, what can you do that won't empty your wallet?

Here are just a handful of fun and free family activities for the holiday season and even beyond.

1. Story Time

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Taking children to the library from an early age on is a great thing to do to increase their love of learning. In fact, the University of Michigan's Psychology Department stated, "One of the best predictors of future success in academics is the ability to read well at an early age." So, give our young ones a better chance and have a little bit of fun at the same time.

The Tyler Public Library is a great place to take the kids you are looking to have some family fun with. They have every Christmas story book and so many more. Plus, they don't mind if you hang around and read them for a while. Sounds like a plan huh? You can take the children to the library and get some great story time in.

They even have regular story times where you and the kids can sit back and enjoy a great time. Check out the Tyler Public Library website for more information.

2. Caroling

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When was the last time you went Christmas caroling? I bet it has been what feels like forever. I also bet, even though it was a bit cold, it was a lot of fun. Why not share this great memory with your children or the little ones in your family?

Imagine how much fun it will be for them to go from door to door singing their little hearts out. They will have a fantastic new family memory and a better appreciation for the meaning of community and the holiday spirit. So, get everyone bundled up and hit the streets singing.

Here are a few tips to keep safe while you are out caroling. Be safe and have fun!

3. Santa

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Going to sit on Santa's lap can be one of the best times in a child's life. The excitement of seeing that jolly man in person means so much to them.

The magic they believe that lights up their faces when they see that red suit will make it all the worth while for you, too.

Getting that time on Santa's lap to ask for your favorite toy for Christmas is completely free. Sure, if you want a picture it will cost you a pretty penny. But, why not just have one year where we enjoyed an honest moment with our family and did not worry about getting a good picture out of it.

 4. Farmer's Market

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Teaching your children about how farmers work, how vegetables grow, and the importance of supporting our local businesses is a great lesson for them to learn. Plus, if there is a fun way to do it, why not?

The Fair Market on the square in downtown Tyler is a great place to take your children. They have music, art, and fresh foods. The excitement of meeting the people who grew their food might just encourage your little ones to eat their veggies.

Why not give this a try? Take a walk around and see what our community is offering. For more information click right here.

5. Christmas Lights

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The "OOOO"s and "AWW"s that will come from your children's mouths will brighten up your whole day when they get placed in front of a home lit from eave to eave with lights.

The sure spectacle of some of this homes will be exciting for you as well. Though it may be costing them a fortune in energy bills, this is a free family activity for you. Find a neighborhood that is dense with lights and park your car and take your family walking around.

The crisp air on your face, the lights in your eyes, and the sound of enjoyment from your family will make this experience one that will never leave your memory.


There you have it, folks. These are just a few of the free and fun family activities you and yours can enjoy this season. Take a few hours for each of this and the memories you will make will last a lifetime.