That is right, folks. Freebirds World Burrito is opening a location right here in Tyler. Can you handle the amazing burritos that are about to invade our city? Get ready, they are headed here very soon. 

A staple for visits to places like Austin, Freebirds is now going to become a local East Texas hot spot. The popular burrito joint is going to take over the building that used to house Casa Ole in Times Square Shopping Center on South Broadway.

With some of the best burritos known to mankind, Freebirds will be welcomed to our fair city with open and excited arms. It is expected to open in January.

What makes this place so exciting? Well, food is amazing!

Let's start with their amazing choices in just tortilla flavors. Spinach, flour, or cayenne tortillas can wrap around a cornucopia of wonderful flavors. Beef, chicken, pork, beans, cheese, lettuce, and so much more can be wrapped into a delicious burrito just waiting for you to eat and LOVE.

They even have something they call the Super Monster Burrito which will make any person full to the brim. Don't believe me? Watch this:

Looks so very yummy! I can't wait, can you?

While you wait for their arrival, you can check out Freebirds on their website. Or, like them on Facebook.