As a music lover some remakes need to be left alone and I can name a few off the top of my head.

However, when it comes to Beyonce she may have gotten a pass when it comes to the classic R&B "Before I Let Go" from Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

According to Billboard, during an interview with the R&B legend he wasn't aware of the remake until a few weeks ago before it was released.

The remake is from the Homecoming document on Netflix where it was playing during the credits and Beverly was all smiles when he heard it.

She's a great friend of mine, but I didn't know she was going to do this. I was hearing stuff, but I didn't even want to approach her about it. She kept it quiet, until her people called me one day maybe a week or two ago. When they played it, that's when I heard the first draft of it, and I was blown away.

Beverly continued by saying it was a blessing and Beyonce is a talented and smart individual and the way she released it was off the chain.  It was one of the high points of his life.

I've checked out the song and it's ok then again I better be nice so I can avoid the Beehive!  However, when it comes to backyard barbecues and family gatherings I will continue this have the original version in rotation!