File this under: WTF? Fans are so desperate for Frank Ocean to drop his sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry, they are willing to kidnap his little brother for ransom. Really?

After the rumored Aug. 5 release date came and went, fans were angry and frustrated. So much so, they hatched a scheme online.

The New York Daily News spotted a Reddit post where a user suggested that folks kidnap Ocean’s little brother, Ryan Breaux, as ransom in exchange for the singer’s album.

"Guys I have the perfect idea...Why don't we just kidnap Ryan and not give him back until frank drops the album?" the person wrote.

The user was probably kidding but the message spread like wildfire across social media. While we understand that fans are eager to hear new material from the Grammy Award-winning singer, committing a kidnapping shouldn't be an option.

Apparently, Ryan caught wind of the plot and replied to the Reddit thread, writing, "I'm shook." He then jumped on Twitter and tweeted a screen capture of the Reddit post and added the caption "BRUUH."

We have to agree with him. It's not that serious, people.

However, there's a silver lining in all of this. Fans now believe that Nov. 13, 2016 could be the official release date for Ocean's next album.