For a trip into the past, you don't have to go too far. Right in our backyards of East Texas, the Four Winds Faire will take you back into times long past us. A fun event for families and friends, alike, don't miss this year's great faire experience. 

"Come enjoy all different types of performers from distant lands at Four Winds Canterbury Faire, including armored knights, exotic belly-dancers, musicians, magicians, jugglers, fire-swallowers, pirates, and many more."

That is right, you and the kids can enjoy countless great events and attractions at this year's Four Winds Faire. From jousting to magicians to jugglers to games, heading out to the faire is a sure fire way to have a blast. Just a quick trip into Troup, and you will be back in the middle ages.

When should you go on this time traveling journey? Well, any of these times.

March Events:

march 2 - 3 Pirates Invasion
march 9 - 10 Steampunk and Kozaky Weekend
march 16 - 17 St. Patrick's Day Weekend and Irish Fest
march 23 - 24 Tolkien Fantasy Weekend
march 30 All Fools
9:00 PM - Midnight, Sixth Annual Masquerade Ball
march 31 Easter Celebration - Easter Service and Easter Egg Hunt

April Events:

April 5 School Day
April 6 - 7 Canterbury Tales Weekend
April 13 - 14 Celtic Music Fest - Extended Hours!
April 20 - 21 Knights and Chivalry Weekend