Four East Texans were among the nearly 200 arrested for their involvement in Sunday's biker gang shootout at a shopping center in Waco.

According to a report from KLTV, the East Texans who were arrested were William Chance Aikin, of Talco, Jason Lee Cavazos, of Arp, Jason Alan Dillard, of Winona, and James Laray Gray, of Tyler.

All are among the 170 arrested after a fight and shootout erupted outside a Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday involving rival biker gangs. Nine were left dead while 18 were sent to area hospitals.

Every person arrested was booked on $1 million bonds for organized criminal activity. More charges could be added later, and capital murder charges are also expected to be handed out.

Five biker gangs were reportedly involved. They had all met at the restaurant to discuss their differences before the fight broke out. Fists were initially involved, but when the fight went outside, knives and clubs came out and then guns were drawn.

The franchise for the Twin Peaks location in Waco has been revoked by the parent company.