A Facebook video has gone viral in just a few hours today (3/14/16) as it appears to capture a Fort Worth police officer spraying oncoming motorcyclists with mace.  The video was taken via GoPro by one of the bikers.

As of Monday evening, the video has gone national, making the front page of the popular social sharing site, Reddit and sparking outrage from users.

Fort Worth police have confirmed that they have seen the video and state that they began an investigation immediately after it was brought to their attention.

The motorcyclists that filmed and edited the incident and then posted it online indicate that they were among 200 riders traveling northbound on U.S. 287 in Fort Worth Sunday afternoon.

They say that the officer in question pulled over one of the caravan's safety vehicles, which typically follows behind large groups of bikers in case of an accident.

In the video, the officer can be seen exiting his car and then spraying some sort of aerosol into the oncoming traffic of bikers.

Chase Stone, of Longview, one of the men involved in posting the video told WFAA, "His intent was to send somebody down, if not cause a major accident with that spray."

Fort Worth police do indicate that they had received numerous calls about bikers being reckless on the road, possibly popping wheelies and weaving in and out of traffic.

This evening, Fort Worth police have stated that they have placed the 6 year veteran with the force on administrative leave until their investigation is complete.

The driver of the safety vehicle was, in fact, cited for driving without a license.  Two others were ticketed for riding in the back of a pick-up truck.

The original video may be seen here: