A former Texas police officer who was convicetd of killing and unarmed 15-year-old in a rare guilty verdict in a police shooting case was sentenced to by a jury Wednesday (August 29th) to 15 years in prison.

According to Dallas News, the family of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, who was killed by Roy Oliver in April 2017 when the office shot into the car in which he was riding with other teenagers as the left a house party.

The jury deliberated for 12 hours as the officer was described as a "killer in blue" by Dallas County district attorney.

Charmaine Edwards, Jordan's stepmother called the sentence "too lenient" saying the Oliver can see life again after 15 years, but not her son.

Although we wanted more years, this is a start for us.

Oliver, who's white, claimed that he feared for his partner's life when he opened fire into the car, kiliing the Blach Springs teenager after initially saying the car backed up toward officers in an aggressive manner, but bodycam footage showed it was moving forward.

Roy Oliver was also fined $10,000.