Cristy Deweese once posed as a model for Playboy magazine, but now she has secured a job as a Spanish teacher at a Texas school. And her hire has caused quite an uproar among students and parents.

Deweese, who once said in an interview with Playboy her dream was to teach Spanish, is now doing exactly that at Rosie Sorrells School of Education and Social Services in Dallas, a magnet high school part of Dallas Independent School District.

And as you can imagine, there's been some controversy.

In an interview with CBS in Dallas, one concerned parent posed the question, “Can you be an effective teacher when a classroom full of high school boys is envisioning you naked? Can your female high school students respect you when they’ve seen you naked?”

This parent said she was shown Deweese's "Coed of the Month" pictures by her child, who is a student at the school.

Some, however, don't have a problem with Deweese teaching at the school. One even said, “It was done before she was a teacher and has nothing to do with her being able to properly educate.”

“Half of the school already found out about that one Spanish teacher,” one student wrote on Twitter. “She’s a teacher now, not a Playboy model anymore! Leave her alone guys.”

The school refused to comment to CBS about the issue.

Where do you stand on this? Would you have a problem with a former model like Deweese teaching at your children's school?