Everybody including myself knows that moving into a new home/apartment can be very stressful.  However, when Darren Martin moved into his New York City apartment he got more than a friendly welcome into the neighborhood from his neighbors when the police stopped him because of a phone call saying that a “burglary was in progress.”

Pix 11 report, Martin went to live stream the event on Instagram saying his skin color along with the gentrifying neighborhood along 106th Street was obvious factors that led to the police being called.

I’m in my apartment but you know – you can’t go nowhere without the cops following me. Someone called the cops on me in my own building.  About how many are y'all? About six of y’all showed up, rolled up on me.

You can hear the dispatcher describing the call saying:

Somebody was trying to break in the door with a possible weapon.

The police have cleared Martin of wrong doing, but he blamed the incident on his skin color and gentrification.  The broader message is to get to know folks before you make any assumptions.  When you make the phone call there’s no turning back and it could have ended differently.

Darren plans on staying in the apartment until his lease expires.