Houston, we don’t have a problem here!  The city of Houston has endured a lot this year from Hurricane’s, to the Houston Astros winning the World Series, to now being called the number one party city for the third consecutive year.

From ABC 13 according to the online invite platform Evite they released their yearly ranking of the top U.S. party cities of the year and based off the number of events planned over 12 months and Houston has again taken the top spot with 57,268 Evites sent in 2017.

Culture Map reports coming in at number two is Austin, TX with 52,364 Evites and Dallas comes in at number 10 with 33,932 Evites.  These numbers consist of holidays, which make up the biggest party season of the year.  Evite reports the biggest party days are usually the two Saturdays before Christmas so trust me us Texans will be out in full force to conclude 2017.