Addicts will go to extreme lengths to conceal their drugs, but a Florida woman took it to the next level and stored 96 pills in her vagina. We'd have gone with a pill box, but perhaps we're a little too old fashioned.


Drug mules usually conceal narcotics from the authorities in a different orifice, most specifically the anus, in order to pass through airports or customs or from the watchful eyes of cops. Jennifer Emily Creque of Gulf Cove elected to use a different body cavity as a vessel in which to store drugs so they would not be confiscated.

She was arrested on three outstanding drug warrants for violation of probation. During a strip search while in custody at jail, the deputies got more than they bargained for and found the pills in her cootch.

Creque, 31, had placed a condom stuffed with pulls in her vagina. Inside said condom was a taped cellophane wrapper. It was filled with seven Morphine pills, along with 20 Carisoprodol (a muscle relaxer) tabs and 69 Tramadol (also a pain killer) pills, according to the police report. Now that, literally, is a party in her pants.

Creque admitted she knew what she did was against the law but that she needed the drugs to help her sleep. This is the eighth time Creque has been booked into the Charlotte County Jail. She remains in jail, with no bond. We doubt she's getting much shut eye in the clink.