The rain and storms have ended in East Texas but the flooding issue still remains.

It will take some time for the water to recede.

This morning around 5:30, a woman had to be rescued from her vehicle on FM 1002 in Big Sandy after her car was submerged in flood waters from Big Sandy Creek. She was transported to a hospital in Tyler but her condition is unknown.

In the same spot, after the first rescue, as a fire truck and TXDOT truck were on scene with their lights on, a vehicle drove around them into the flood waters where the vehicle became submerged and another rescue had to be performed.

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If emergency crews are on scene, do not drive around them unless instructed to do so or, as the last driver learned, you could end up in a sticky situation.

If a road closed sign is up, do not drive around the sign and proceed down the road. The sign means that the road has been deemed impassable and you need to find an alternate route.

For a list of road closures, Click Here, and be careful, and patient, East Texas as we recover from this latest round of severe weather.