Valentine's Day is only 19 days away. So, it is time to start shopping for your significant other's gift. But, be very careful men. It is a tricky thing to buy a woman the perfect gift. To help you, here is a list of the five worst gifts to avoid giving. 

Giving a bad gift can create loads of problems. A quick way to get yourself into the doghouse with your lover is to give them a horrible gift. To help protect your Valentine's Day from ending with you sleeping on the couch. Here is a list of five gifts you should steer clear of to help keep you out of trouble. These are the top five worst Valentine's Day gifts to give a woman.

1. Vacuum

It is a joke that has been told so many different ways for many years, but do not fall into its trap. Only every blue moon will a woman honestly be happy to receive a vacuum for a Valentine's gift. If you give this gift, you will be seen at sexist and will offend the lady that you give it to.

2. Gym Membership

Every woman has worried about her weight. But, they want their man to see them as being perfect. It is a huge knock to their self esteem if the guy she loves to hint that her body isn't top notch. Even if she has been talking about getting a membership, let her take care of that and avoid digging yourself into a hole explaining your way out of this gift.

3. Huge Flat Screen TV

If you have wanted a new television set, it is an awful idea to try and give it to your lady saying, "You'll use it too." The extent of the selfishness needed to give a gift for yourself to another and claim it is really for them will land you on the fighting side of your woman. Give her something she wants. Don't weasel a gift for you in masked as something for her.

4. Last Year's Gift

Just because your wife or girlfriend loved last year's gift, she does not want to receive it again. She wants something new that proves you thought about her gift. If you just give her the same every year there are no emotions attached to the process. Go out and use that creativity in gift shopping, like you did last year. Your lady will be very impressed if you can deliver a great gift again.

5. Chocolate

Valentine's Day is famous for chocolate sales to be given as gifts. Yes, send her the flowers and chocolates, that can't be it though. If you only do the traditional and boring gifts she won't be very impressed. Try and get her a little something extra to the flowers and candy, or forget the same old box of chocolates all together and get her something personal to her.

This may all sound very picky and like an annoying inconvenience, but if you want a happy woman these are the things to avoid. Try and stay on the good side of a woman wrath this February 14th, I promise it will be worth it.