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The holidays are known for their abundance of food. We prepare ourselves all year for this time of the year. It is as if the amount of food for those fortunate enough never ceases to stop. But, after this time the food we stuffed ourselves with will not show up on our plate until the following year. What foods are you looking forward to this year?

When the weather gets colder, we all punch an extra hole in our belts preparing for the holiday food season. We are headed towards the mass quantities of Turkey and the like.  But after the feasts are over, what will you not see again until Thanksgiving the following year? Here is a list of food I haven't seen since November last year.

1. Stuffing    Though, I love the stuff it never seems to be in a meal outside of the holidays. The fluffy and yummy stuff is piled high over Thanksgiving and Christmas and forgotten after the New Year.

2. Sweet Potatoes    I know plenty of other folks that love this stuff enough to enjoy it every night for dinner the rest of their lives, I am not one of those people. Two days out of the year I will devour these sweet treats, and never think about them until the next year.

3. Green Bean Casserole    Crispy onion topping and creamy warm green beans baked to perfection is a wonder of this world. Perfection was reached when this dish was invented, but it is only chowed down through a couple of months of the year. Why we avoid this casserole the rest of the calendar year bewilders me.

4. Cranberry Sauce     This tart goodness is enjoyed from the can or handcrafted. Either way is it prepared, it is sure to please the taste buds. Being so fitting for the time of year, I can almost understand why it is kept as a Thanksgiving dinner staple.

5. Pumpkin Pie     I am not one to buy Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte or the real deal more than during the holidays. This one I keep as a once in a while delicacy. The rich filling topped with lots of whipped cream and flakey crust is too good to be true. I believe if it is consumed more than during Thanksgiving and Christmas its magic might be lost in over use.

So what are your holiday foods that are only seen during the season? Are you right along with me in my five? Let us know below.