We all have our personal Christmas lists, but what if you could make a wish list for where you live?

Tyler has surpassed the 100,000 mark in population, which has resulted in a wave of new businesses, expanded infrastructure and, of course, more traffic.

We all have "that wish" of a certain restaurant or business to come to town, or maybe that something would be different about this lovely city in which we reside.

But what would top your Christmas wish list for Tyler? Here's my top five.

  • 1

    It's time for another Chick-fil-A.

    There are 100,000 people in this city, and only three Chick-fil-A restaurants -- and one of those is in the mall. Take one look at the drive-thru lines at either free-standing Chick-fil-A and you know it's time for another one ... or six.

    Chick-fil-A via Facebook
  • 2

    Fix Old Bullard Road. Seriously.

    Somehow, some way, we have to fix Old Bullard Road. Someone please -- PLEASE -- get four lanes on this road. I can't take it anymore. THE SPEED LIMIT IS 40 MPH, PEOPLE, NOT 25.

  • 3

    While we're on the subject, fix Old Jacksonville, too.

    You might as well add a third lane on each side of Old Jacksonville Highway, because we already need it. And that whole two-lane thing south of Gresham? Come on, man!

  • 4

    Downtown Tyler to be the hottest spot in town.

    Downtown is the most beautiful and iconic part of Tyler. It's been on the up-and-up for the past several years, but there is still a ways to go until it becomes what it used to be -- the heartbeat of this city. More and more local businesses are opening downtown and more people than you think live there, too. Let's keep working on this. Downtown deserves it.

    Robert Strickland, Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival
  • 5

    Bring back pro baseball.

    Mike Carter Field at the fairgrounds is a beautiful park with lots of potential to bring back professional (or even semi-pro) baseball. But if I really had my wish, Tyler would have a minor league team, a new stadium and cold beer. Oh, I dream.

    Tyler Wildcatters