Remember the days of summer time in your childhood? Eating ice pops in your lime green jelly shoes while listening to the radio for your favorite song to come on? I bet you recorded that song on a mix tape. I bet these five songs were on that mix tape. 

Listening to these songs after years of not even remembering them, I became very sentimental. I remembered almost every word of these songs. I remembered every moment I sang at the top of my lungs, along with my friends, to them when I wwas much younger.

I didn't realize, until I hear them again, how much I had missed these songs. Though I have enjoyed a lot of the music between these songs debuts and what is on the radio now, these five songs still reign as some of the best songs ever made.

Wait until you hear them, you will have the same experience. Here are the five songs you didn't realized you were missing.

1. Robyn - "Do You Know (What It Takes)"

2. All Saints - "Never Ever"

3. LEN - "Steal My Sunshine"

4. J-Lo - "Feelin So Good"

5. En Vogue - "Don't Go"