The world seems like a crazy, crazy place right now. Though we have the weekend just a few hours away, it may seem like nothing good is coming. So, what will we do about? Bring some music back from the past, the good old days, that will help lift our spirits. 

With a confirmed 12 dead and over 200 injured after the explosion in West Texas this week and the man hunt still in progress for one of the men responsible for the tragedy at the Boston marathon, we are all feeling a little down today.

It is Friday, though. We should be looking towards the weekend to bring us better spirits, a silver lining of sorts. But, it is difficult to just pass over those feelings of sadness. Let's try some feel good music to perk our hearts back up.

Where should this music come from but from days that seemed a little more pure and bright then our current times. Let's get some motown and funk going.

1. Otis Redding - Fa fa fa fa (Sad Song)

2. Al Green - A Change Gonna Come

3. Aretha Franklin - Don't Play That Song For Me (You Lied)

4. Wilson Picket - Mustang Sally

5. Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

Hopefully some of these legendary hits will help us all get a little more skip in our steps to help recover these evils we have faced this week.