If you've seen Fantasia lately, you've probably noticed that she looks incredibly confident, sophisticated, and much slimmer. The Lose To Win singer has dropped an impressive 50-pounds and has a fresh new look that we love!

Fantasia spoke to ESSENCE about her new healthy bod and her new outlook on life:

"Working out started as something mental. It was a way to release and let some things go."

After packing on the pounds back in 2011 while preparing for the Mahalia Jackson biopic, the plans for that film foiled, then she found out she was expecting.

After Fantasia had her son Dallas, she became committed to losing the unwanted weight. With the help of her trainer and a strict diet, Fantasia found herself shedding the pounds.

"I workout every day, sometimes twice a day. I keep my trainer with me and she travels with me. I love Pilates, yoga, and spinning. I also attend boot-camp class and they have become my workout family. Doing it with them makes me feel good."

Fantasia also decided to finally set a healthy example for her family and children:

"A lot of my cousins who are my age or are in their 30's are on high blood pressure pills and it's like, c'mon, you're too young for that. I wanted to be the person in my family to stand up and say, okay we have to eat better and workout. I want to be around for a long time. I can't travel like I do and not be healthy. You know how I move on stage. At any minute I could just pass out and that's not good."

Fantasia has a lot to be proud of: her weight loss, her new look, her new attitude, and her killer new music!

We are so happy for her! Keep it up.

Fantasia 'Lose To Win'