Fantasia is at such at good place in her life and we are loving her new look, new attitude, and new music. After the controversy with JET magazine some months ago, where they used a 10-year old photo of the Lose To Win singer on their cover, which understandably upset Fantasia, she's finally decided to accept the magazine's apology.



In an interview conducted by HelloBeautiful, Fantasia expresses why the photo was so upsetting, and how she's come out on top because of this situation. Click here to watch video.

There was even more drama when editor-in-chief for JET magazine, Mitzi Miller, took to her Facebook page and slammed Fantasia:

"The fact that I wasted an hour of my workday writing a press release to address an issue created by a person who cannot even read it is just… #whyiwannaBahousewife."

Since then, Mitizi apologized for her remarks:

“I apologize for the lack of sensitivity shown in my FaceBook post. It was a thoughtless comment made during a moment of frustration. It was unprofessional and not representative of the JET mission, which is to uplift. I regret letting my emotions get the best of me. I am truly apologetic.”


Way to go Fantasia! We are glad to so you be the bigger person in this and look forward to more things from you in the future!