One day in the far off future a Danish Beyonce fan will tell his grandchildren, "Ya know, I once slapped Queen Bey's booty and lived to tell the tale..." His grandkids will roll their eyes and say, "Yeah, okay, Gramps." Until said fan pulls out the video proof. Yes, he did slap Beyonce's butt back in 2013 -- and was promptly kicked out of her Mrs. Carter Show.

In the video, Bey is launching into 'Irreplaceable,' where she needs a little audience participation for the "To the left, to the left," opening line. Beyonce stuck her mic in the butt-slapper's face and he sang, "To the right, to the right!" Bey was rather amused by this saying, "Alright, boo boo." Then... everything changed. The fan got a handful of Bey's bootylicious backside and the diva didn't miss a beat saying, "I'm gonna have you escorted out of here." Hope that slap was worth it, dude!

Word to the wise if you plan on attending B's Mrs. Carter Show -- leave your cameras at home and keep all arms, legs and limbs to yourself unless you plan on losing one at the hands of Beyonce's security.