Facebook is hosting an online summit with President Obama and the First Lady to find ways to stop and prevent bullying. If you would like to participate in this landmark forum it is at 11am today.

Yesterday the Obamas reached out via facebook to announce their role and point of view on this topic -- more after the jump.

Back in the day before the internet bullying seemed like a necessary right of passage that everyone had to endure. I have to admit it builds a lot of character and coping skills -- but I could escape the unpleasantness when I left the situation.

Today the bullying seems to escalated into terrorism reading on this topic online I found a site "JaredStory.com" that is heart wrenching and as a parent unimaginable.

(The only differences between a terrorist and a bully, is in the organized planning or cause of the activity, and the scale of terror. A bullied child will believe that there is no difference between a terrorist and a bully given the above definitions.)

Bullying has gone digital with the advent of social networks. If "Little Sally and/or Sam" is mad at "Little Jane and/or John" -- Sally and/or Sam can start a rumor on Facebook and terrorize poor Jane and or Johnny.

Facebook recognizes this unfortunate use and wants to develop a system where the "Little Sallys" of the world are reported and dealt with and the "Little Janes" of the world

What do you think Facebook should do? Do you think there is a solution to this issue? How do you handle your child being harassed electronically?