Um, this is absolutely gross, and definately not for the faint of heart. So, with that being said, you have been warned. If you do not like gross stuff, click here now! In an online blog, an alleged jumpoff of rapper Busta Rhymes claims the rapper gave her herpes. In the blog she claims the virus had ruined her life to the point where she doesn't care if her life is threatened by putting this information out to the masses or not. She claims "the damamge is already done." Wow. In this blog, which took me about 20 minutes to read, the alleged jumpoff has pictures of what the virus has done to her skin. She claims sunlight, certain foods, and excersice make the herpes flare up! Also in the blog, she uses Busta's real name numerous times, saying:

"I'd like to thank you for spreading awareness of what Trevor is doing. I knew that I would get a negative backlash for disclosing this information but I don't care. When you know the truth about yourself, your intention and the situation that happened there is no need to be affected by what other people think or say. I take responsibilty for my part in the situation. I was young, dumb, naive and wanting love. Anyone who knows Trevor knows he is cheap as {expletive} so wanting money from him is a joke. I had known him for 3 years before this happened and he'd met my family so if that is a definition of a heaux, whore, jumpoff so be it, I don't give a {expletative}. If you don't believe me that is fine as well. I invite anyone who doubts to sleep with him for a while or wait until he gets a bad cold then {expletive} him and report back the same thing that I've confirmed while you're crying in the er with an inflamed vagina. Don't say I didn't warn you. He is positive for hsv-2 and that is the bottom line fact. Trevor has a BADDDD case of herpes!!!!!!"

This entire story is crazy! Click here to read the rest of the blog. Do you think any of this explosive allegation is true? Do you think this is someone who is trying to get paid, or someone trying to defame Busta? Either way, with the information found in this blog, somebody will be getting sued!

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